• Diaper need is the lack of a sufficient supply of diapers to keep an infant or toddler clean, dry and, healthy.
  • 1 in 3 American families has to choose between giving their baby diapers or food.
  • Infants need up to 12 diapers per day, toddlers about 8
  • There is no federal or state assistance for purchasing diapers
  • The average low-income family pays about $1,000/year for diapers. 
  • Hawai’i County has the highest rate of poverty in Hawai’i, with 16.2% of individuals living below the federal poverty level ($25,926 for a family of four).
  • There are 4,416 children aged 0-5 in Hawai’i County living below the federal poverty level (which is more than 38% of children ages 0-5).
  • Diaper need contributes to the cycle of poverty for low-income families. 
  • A sufficient diaper supply provides immediate relief to families who are struggling to provide the basics for their children.
  • This one item allows parents to tackle other issues like how to pay rent and utilities, how to get food on the table, and how to support the healthy development of their child/children
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